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our vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide each therapist/coach the complete set of digital tools that will enable him to give the patients the highest quality and most effective care. With the help of all the treatment tools and marketing tools that the therapist receives he does not need any other service for his work.

We take the world of therapy to the next level.

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TherapArea Story

Matan Shaked is a professional therapist for mental health. He is also a trainer for therapists and he is known for his Instagram site and for his website weone.co.il In his training Matan found a need for a complete set of digital tools that will help every therapist in his work. The main tools are a library of meditations that the therapist can add his own voice to guide his patients; an application or portal for the patients that the therapist can send homework and the patient will work on them at home and a simple marketing tool that will help the therapist bring more patients and increase patients retention. Matan approached Yoram Nissenboim, a sequential entrepreneur with many successful exits, and they decided to ask therapists what they need. Almost all therapists that were asked had at least 3 requests.

The requests were prioritized and they came with a plan that consists of the following components:
  • A software tool that guides therapist to identify the problems the patient is suffering from, recommends treatment priorities and enables the construction of a treatment plan
  • A tool for building a problem-focused automatic treatment program, and building sets of meditations for the problems
  • Software that contains a library of meditations and recommends for each problem audio clips from the library that you should use. The software allows the therapist to add his own additions to the audio segment (usually speech) and thus build himself a private library.
  • Patient management software that includes registration of treatment sessions, a treatment calendar with the option for the patient to request to schedule or change appointments, automatic construction of virtual appointments (Zoom), financial billing and digital payment.
  • A marketing package to strengthen the digital presence of the therapists and retain existing customers including a website, electronic mail and periodic text messages
In addition, they developed an application for patients that lets a patient get meditation homework and meditate at home, schedule appointments and pay the therapist.

TherapArea timeline


Building a concept and product characterization, examining markets and competitors, business planning and building an action plan. Choosing a vendor for development. 


Application development and execution. The task is to start beta at Q4.


Bring 1000+ therapists to the service


Fundraising for expansion to 3 more countries. Activating a ranking for meditations and therapists according to the patient rating. And referring patients to caregivers for service. 

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Tirat Hacarmel, Israel

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